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Micro Irrigation Tube - Hoselock Compatible Black 4MM - Brand - HobbyPro ®

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Micro Irrigation Tube

Micro Irrigation Tube 4mm Internal Diameter / 6mm Outside Diameter (1mm Thick Wall)

Available in lengths of 1 Metre to 30 Metres -  This product is designed for garden watering micro irrigation systems and is compatible with other similar products such as 'Hoselock'. With a proper 1mm thick wall, this product has been tested over many years and has shown to be ideal for this application. A great product at a great price. beware of other online tube with a 0.3mm wall.
Length of Tube
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This black, unreinforced, flexible tubing is specially manufactured from traditional clear PVC, with a black additive to create black tube.  It is suitable for a wide range of garden projects including garden irrigation of plant pots, raised beds, strawberry planters and hanging baskets.  We are often asked why micro irrigation tube has to be black.  The answer is simply that it is less obtrusive and blends into garden soil and it also resists algae growth in the tube.  (It is the customers responsibility to ensure suitability and safety of use).

Compatible with popular 4mm micro irrigation fittings 

* Black to prevent algae growth in tube (Image © PVC Tube Online Ltd)

* Good Flexibility (hardness varies by batch) - No two batches of PVC tube are ever the same hardness, due to the manufacturing process.

* Good UV Resistance

* 4mm ID (Internal Diameter) / 6mm OD (Outside Diameter) (Nominal Size) Note:- This is approximately 5/32"

* Temperature range from -15°C to +60°C

Multiple lengths with the same order will be supplied in one continuous length, up to a maximum of 30 Metres, unless advised otherwise.  If you would like your lengths supplied pre-cut, please let us know when placing your order.