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Foam Tape P.E. - Single Sided Self Adhesive Backed and Double Sided

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This single sided, self adhesive, medium density foam tape is made from black/dark charcoal closed cell expanded polyethylene (PE).  It is flexible with good tear and chemical resistance, along with reasonable temperature resistance.  It also has good ageing properties which means it will not deteriorate or go brittle with time.  Polyethylene is preferred to EPDM when oils and greases are present.  Note:-  The white backing peels away to reveal a high quality adhesive.  This tape sticks to the backing, not itself, making it very easy to work with.

Example uses include Internal & External DIY Window and Door Draught Excluding, Kit Car Use, Hobby Craft, Cushioning, Packing, General Gap Filling, Anti-Vibration, Noise Suppression, Dust & Air Seals, Engineering and other DIY projects in the home, garden, garage & office.  (It is the customers responsibility to ensure suitability and safety of use).

* Closed Cell Foam - Making the tape weatherproof & waterproof  (Closed cells are pockets of gas that are completely surrounded by the solid material, making each cell sealed from each other and therefore unable to adsorb liquid).

* Easy to Use (removable white backing paper) - This tape sticks to the backing, not itself, making it very easy to work with.  

* Good Adhesion - Sticks to Plastics, Metals, Glass & Varnished Woods (The image - © PVC Tube Online Ltd).

* Good Flexibility

* Good Ageing Properties

* 5 Metres & 10 Metres Lengths - Nominal lengths of 5 Mtrs & 10 Mtrs supplied as received from manufacturer (Please note the commercial tolerance on this product as received from our manufacturer is +/- 5%.  The tape may reduce very slightly in length/width if stored coiled for an extended period)

* +/- 5% tolerance on all lengths/widths (We aim to supply as close to the stated length as possible)

* Shade of Grey varies slightly between batches